Joe’s Putty
My Christmas List
OK everybody- Here's the list you've all been waiting for; Joey's Christmas List!
I figured I send this out early to give you guys a head start since the list is gigantic.

1. Golf shoes ( any size or one size fits all). 67 pairs. No, I don't play golf I just want the shoes, okay!
2. A lifetime supply of Betty Crocker chocolate cake frosting ( average street price = $12,750 )
3. Gloves. Bright pink. (I have an extra hand no one knows about)
4. Farm animals ( trained or untrained ) As many as possible.
5. Sneezes in a can. (every time i want  to be blessed, I open the can and let one out so somebody can say God bless you.
6. Reversible clock (it knows when you're running late and adjusts the time accordingly)
7. Television parts.
8. Bags of salami.
9. Ice cream in a paper bag (any flavor, It really doesn't matter).
10. Truckload of jello (cherry please)
11. Whipped cream furniture.
12. Exploding midget dolls.
13. Instruction book on how to make a cobalt bomb.
14. Cotton candy machine (with clown on the side, holding a gun robbing a bank...P.S. I know this might be hard to find, but if you do, you'll be my favorite buddy of all time)
15. Dog barking door bell.
16. Rattlesnake (Be Careful!)
17. Roller coaster for my living room ( you know, for the kids n stuff)
18. Chicken and cheese snacks (any brand)
19. Cigars as tall as buildings.
20. Broken beer bottles; in case anyone comes near me!
21. 50 foot high voltage electrified fence (to protect my imaginary widdle bunny wabbit)
22. Puppy dog slippers and feety pajamas.
23. Anything you can find in the garbage of a rich person.
24. Moths.
25. Moth killer.
26. Old japanese spy movies and popcorn.
27. Purple things.
28. A room full of dancing mexicans.
29. A big jerk.
30. Pudding for my llama.

Feel free to send me your requests for gifts that you want. I won't get anything on your list, but it might make you feel better to dream a little.

I hope you all get it. Just a funny day in my life. Fun Fun Fun. Have some fun instead of whining and complaining all the time. Lighten up America, and get stupid!!!!