Joe’s Putty
Excerpts FroM “ALL In My Head”
Happy Happy Larry

Larry, Julie’s brother, was happy happy all the time. It got you sick he was so happy.
People tried to make him miserable in every way; calling him names, throwing rocks,
eating corn, etc. 
One day , three thugs had kidnapped Happy Happy Larry and knocked him out cold.
They took him to their laboratories and had a doctor transplant the face of a 
madman onto Larry’s happy one. They drove Larry home and when Larry woke up 
three hours later, he looked in the mirror and discovered his happy face was gone
and had an unpleasant frown instead. Well, since nothing mattered to Larry, he 
went off to enjoy another happy day. But people noticed his frown and now tried
to make Larry happy. But he WAS happy! Don’t you see? He was just a little
pissed off causa what they did to his face.

Bozo and the Mob

In a little town called Figgy Dumples, there lived an angry organized mob call “The Pillow Freaks.” These mobs of not so merry men went
ransacking the town, killing everything in sight with guns filled with pillow bullets. Pillow bullets were not regular bullets; they were called 
pillow bullets because when you got shot with them, it made you lay down and go sleep nice. Like a pillow.
Bozo was a clown.