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4 years we have recognized many famous people in history, even having holidays named after such people. Well I thought what about Joe? 
There are so many great Joe’s in history; like my brother-in-law Joe. He’s famous. To me. Why not have a day to pay homage to the Joe’s of this world. Just think it could start a possible Jerry day or Johnny day, the possibilities are endless. So, we at Joe Central, have started a petition to collect all the Joe signatures we can to make a National Joe Day. Privileges will be restricted to only Joe’s (No females named Josephine will count for example). Only country recognized Joe’s will qualify. It will be held on October 15. October because the letter “J” is the 10th letter of the alphabet and October is the 10th month and “O” is the 15th letter thus having it be on the 15th of October. The “E” represents “Everyone” named Joe will be exonerated. The event will be sponsored by Joe Boxer and Cup O Joe.

OK so maybe I am nuts but anything is possible. Please humor us with your cooperation in this matter and soon we we alert the media that this day has finally come to pass. Below is a list of just some of the famous Joe’s of our times. Feel free to email or blog us with your list as well. Joe have a nice day now.

Famous Joe’s:

 Joe Namath
 Joe DiMaggio
 Joe Frazier
 Joe Montana
 GI Joe
 Bazooka Joe
 Joe Boxer
 Joe Mama

See Pics of Local Joe’s
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