Joe’s Putty
Little Flower

Don’t fear my little flower
No one can pound your head with a two by four
The trumpet man has a break
Quick, go ask him
No one will harm you
Don’t run, don’t run...
You’ll get your dress all dirty

Poor little flower looking through the peephole of life
Where’s the bread? Where’s the bread?
Don’t get me mad... I love you

The Cost Of Living

The Sandman from his castle says
We need a lot of freedom
To do the things we want
So just go and do it will ya

The Lost Little Burdie

Wednesday came with a wind so fierce 
And blew all he stuff off the table
And the mindless bird just watches the crash of windows
From home run balls that will set off the fuse
Causing anger to the pigeon's head
Why... Why...
The breeze that we know can tell tales
Of annoying things like snow... Yeah Snow...
Cause the bird is an idiot