Joe’s Putty
 I’m going out tonight, can I borrow your haircut?
 I’d like you a lot more if you were somebody else
 I’m constructed of meat
 The rabbits know...
 Line up the pies, we’ll have fun
 Cheese makes me who I am
 Everything sucks in the ghetto
 I AM dressed; on the inside
 Not anymore
 If you slip, I will laugh
 Never mind that, hand me my gun
 Ink should cover the earth
 Be unpredictable - beat yourself with a new pair of socks
 Stare at me. Where did it get you?
 Shoot a rocket from my foot and call me missile toes
 I’m sick now - but eventually I WILL kill you
 I WILL learn my lesson when I find an adequate teacher
 You’re doing a great job; but you’re in the wrong building