Joe’s Putty
Under The Moonlight

Under the moonlight
I daydream of your beauty
Your spirit so alive
Though you are not here

I feel your thoughts
Even through the distance
I want nothing but you
Just to love only you
Would make me complete

I dream of touching your face
And losing myself in your smile
Your soul, a buried treasure
I soon will embrace
Under the moonlight... I will wait

The Pen

The restless songs of a tired soul
Works aimless for a lullaby
Transcribing his echoed voice
Into melody as the night burns on
Somewhere in the quietness he seeks
A familiar chord - reflecting his solemnity

As the glistening stars illuminate his page
The gentle breeze stirs his heart
Once more for a painful rhythm
His pen shall fail him
‘Tis such a lonely place
I feel to write no more

A Dream

I hear the rain as it collects upon the roof
The rhythm it cause my heart to dance
Quiet it leaves my mind in wander
To reminisce of a brokenness 
A dream perhaps once new
A dreamer’s dream of love and you

© 2007 Joe’s Putty All Rights Reserved
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